Does your soap cure….?

I am often asked if my products are good for eczema, acne, psoriasis, etc. If you read nothing else in this post, read this: I am not, nor is any other soap-maker, legally allowed to make any medical claims.* I’ve had customers rave over different products of mine and “swear” it’s the only thing that will help their (insert random condition here), but legally, I am not even allowed to share that. Personally, I just love the way my soap feels on my skin and would not use anything else.  I think once you try my soap, your skin will love you for it. 🙂


*Saying that my products do anything that causes any physical changes in the body is classifying it at a drug which is subject to the FDA drug testing and approval program. Below is from the FDA website and should help clarify whether a product is a drug or a cosmetic.

  • Products intended to cleanse or beautify are generally regulated as cosmetics.
  • Products intended to treat or prevent disease, or affect the structure or function of the body, are drugs.
  • Some products are both cosmetics and drugs. Examples include anti-dandruff shampoos and antiperspirant-deodorants, as well as makeup with SPF (sun protection factor) numbers. They must meet the requirements for both cosmetics and drugs, as applicable.